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Archive for February 2018

Coaches Clinic: 2018

“If you want to touch the past touch a rock. If you want to touch the present touch a flower. If you want to touch the future touch a life.”-Author unknown To touch a life is a choice. It is a simple choice that not enough in this world chooses. When one chooses to perform…

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UDACF Top Golf

Thank you all for coming to the first annual UDACF Top Golf Event! Hope everyone had a ton of fun and enjoyed the beautiful weather while supporting a great cause of giving back to the underserved athletes in the Charlotte area. Thank you again for all of your support and feel free to post pictures…

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Carolina Metro Reds Partnership

The UDACF partnered with the Carolina Metro Reds by providing space for three hours each Saturday for the Reds to host a camp for their players. The Carolina Metro Reds led by Morris Madden is working alongside the UDACF by providing their players an opportunity to grow both in the game of baseball and outside…

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CMPD/UDACF Toy Drive Photos

Thank you to all that attended the 2017 CMPD/UDACF toy drive. It was a major success and those that participated in any way, whether by donating or helping hand out presents, impacted lives. The UDACF strives to give everyone an opportunity to all young kids and our participation in this Toy Drive aligns with our…

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