Coaches Clinic: 2018

“If you want to touch the past touch a rock. If you want to touch the present touch a flower. If you want to touch the future touch a life.”-Author unknown

To touch a life is a choice. It is a simple choice that not enough in this world chooses. When one chooses to perform an act of kindness it always carries value. What is that value? It is hope, self-worth, appreciation, compassion and so much more than simple words can describe. It is “Giving back”, “Paying it forward” or “closing the circle”.

Special people in life recognize the value in closing the circle. They recognize it for many reasons. Some never forget the journey that brought them to the point of being fortunate. Others recognize that being fortunate is worthless unless used to make a difference. Recognizing the journey and good fortune is half the circle. Special people complete the circle by helping someone less fortunate start their own circle.

This past January U Deserve A Chance Foundation brought together a group of very fortunate former Major League Players and current Major League coaches for a free coaches clinic. Jack McDowell, John Ennis, Morris Madden, Alan Cockrell, Dusty Wathan, Mike Shildt and myself Jeff Schaefer. These special people accepted the opportunity to donate their time by sharing their knowledge and wisdom and enhancing others (coaches) who will in turn go out and positively affect the lives of those they coach.

Giving back, paying it forward or closing the circle doesn’t have to come in the form of currency. It is just as valuable and most likely more valuable when it comes in the form of time shared. I’m proud of my baseball brothers who recognize their good fortune and continue to find direct and indirect ways of making a difference in other people’s lives.