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The U Deserve a Chance Foundation is helping to make young athlete's dreams come true.  Read one young man's story & see how his life was impacted by the generous donations of patrons like you.

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We invest in a child for a bright future.

The lessons learned in almost any team sport are applicable to other areas, but we truly believe that baseball provides a unique opportunity for youth in terms of transferable life skills. It is a team game, first and foremost, as is life, but baseball consists of so many individual challenges, too. The pitcher and batter each have an individual assignment; the fielders must be prepared at all times should the ball come their way. Every player on the field must give forethought to many possible scenarios that may instantly occur in any given situation. Communication with each other and coaches is vital. All of these qualities will help a young person to develop a skill set that will tremendously serve them throughout life. U Deserve A Chance Foundation views every youth we can help as not only an investment in the future of baseball but an investment in the future of our world.

We help youth across the nation make their baseball dreams become a reality


Participation in baseball has dropped by 3% over the last five years


Average Travel Baseball Costs Per Year


For families with an annual income less than $50,000, young people are far less likely to play sports.


What is a charitable organization?

A charitable organization is generally defined as any nonprofit organization that is incorporated and identified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization. These organizations have been given tax-exempt status and can accept contributions. The U Deserve A Chance Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

What does it mean to be a 501(c)(3) organization?

For charities, this means that they can accept contributions and offer donors a tax deduction for their gifts. For donors like you, this means your contributions are fully tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law. The receipt you receive from the U Deserve A Chance Foundation meets all of the IRS requirements as a record of your donation.

Dedictiblity Limitation to 501(c)(3) Groups

Individuals giving to 501(c)(3) organizations that are either public charities, private operating foundations, and certain private foundations may deduct contributions representing up to 50% of the donor’s adjusted gross income if the individual itemizes on his tax returns.

Individuals giving to 501(c)(3) organizations that are private foundations may generally deduct contributions representing up to 30% of their adjusted gross income. Corporations may deduct all contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations (regardless of foundation status) up to an amount normally equal to 10% of their taxable income. Corporations and individuals eligible tax deductions are not limited To monetary gifts alone. Goods and services qualify and are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Do I need a receipt for donations I make?

The IRS doesn’t require receipts for cash donations under $250, but you should keep donation information on file. Cash contributions of $250 and over require an acknowledgement that must be sent to the IRS with your tax returns.

How can I take a deduction for my donation?

To claim a deduction, you will need to fill out IRS form 1040 , which is available through their website at and itemize your deductions including your donations on Schedule A. Contributions are deductible for the year in which they are actually paid or delivered.

Note: Any donations received by U Deserve a Chance Foundation are NON REFUNDABLE


In the hectic pace of modern life, we know that it is difficult to be involved. But this very fact is the reason that more of our young people get lost in the shuffle these days. Your donation of time, talent, or funding will help to ensure that more of our youth receive the great benefits that the game of baseball offers. You will also provide yourself a gift of enrichment that words can't fully describe. We know. We have experienced it. Please join us today.

Message from the Volunteers


I have had an awesome experience volunteering at the UDACF Golf and Gala committee. I have volunteered the past 2 years and each event gets better every year. We have a committee of amazing people that are so fun to work with. I love helping with this foundation because it is something that is near and dear to my heart. My boys love playing the game of baseball and knowing that UDACF is there to help less fortunate children play this game brings me such joy!!

Heather P.


I volunteer with UDACF because it’s a cause close to my heart. I’ve grown up playing softball and have been around baseball my whole life. I saw, first hand, how hard it was on my parents to allow me the opportunity to play travel ball. It was difficult back then because we had to create our own travel teams and all the logistics that go with it. I love that I able to help those who have a heart for the game but maybe not the means to play. Baseball teaches so much more than just the game, it teaches life lessons! To see the faces of kids who get to do what they love is enough! I truly believe in what UDACF is doing and look forward to giving back and making a difference for years to come! I love the quote by Jim Rohn “Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”

Tiffany P.


I am fortunate enough to be a volunteer with the U Deserve A Chance Foundation, which helps to fill the financial gap between need and the fulfillment of dreams. This year I had the opportunity to help with the Home Plate Gala, which is an event that helps raise funds for players that are unable to afford the opportunities to develop and play the game of baseball.  I am grateful for the rewarding insight that volunteering has given me and the opportunity of meeting players from diverse backgrounds that have such fierce dedication and compassion for the game.  These people have touched my heart and caused me to reflect on what I can do to help.  It has been a great experience volunteering and I highly recommend to anyone interested to step up to the plate and take a swing with us too!

Jennifer W.