Devin’s Story

Founder Jeff Schaefer Speaking on behalf of Devin Johnson

Two years ago I was contacted by a high school coach regarding a rising high school junior. This coach painted a picture of a family life that was not very pretty. I was told that the player would be on his team. So, on the coach’s recommendation, sight unseen we gave the player a full UDACF scholarship roster spot. To our surprise, the coach who reached out to me cut the player. We did not. We saw a respectful, sincere, appreciative young man, who was fatherless, who was a caretaker for his special needs brother, and whose family barely had enough money each month to pay rent and buy food. We saw a kid who needed something positive in his life. This wonderful kid showed up to our facility every day after school as if he was going to his HS practice and I promise you he outworked every kid who was fortunate to make their HS team. He was determined to take advantage of the opportunity UDACF provided and go after what he dreamed of which was to play baseball in college. One month ago Devin Johnson received a baseball scholarship from Montreat College. We are proud to say that Devin represents what can be accomplished if given an opportunity to participate in athletics. We know Devin will continue to grow through college and one day give back to someone else in need similar to what was done for himself.