CMPD/UDACF Toy Drive Photos

Thank you to all that attended the 2017 CMPD/UDACF toy drive. It was a major success and those that participated in any way, whether by donating or helping hand out presents, impacted lives. The UDACF strives to give everyone an opportunity to all young kids and our participation in this Toy Drive aligns with our mission by giving kids an opportunity to be a part of Christmas giving.

As a foundation that focuses on giving back to the local community by helping the underserved the CMPD toy drive is exactly the kind of organization that the UDACF would like to align itself with. As we continue to develop as an organization we will be looking for more opportunities to help give back to the local community. This is one of the most rewarding fundraisers that the UDACF helps participate in as the Holiday season can leave disadvantaged youth without someone able to give to them. These children may see their friends at school or in the neighborhood receive items but without the CMPD they probably wouldn’t have a chance to receive anything. We are able to give items to these kids that are at a disadvantage to make their holiday truly special. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the CMPD and continuing to help each year.

Special Thanks

Each year the hero on the UDACF side of organizing the people, toy collection, and delivery is our own Sue Zike. Sue has been an integral part of what this foundation does on a daily basis and with her dedication is the reason the foundation is continuing to evolve and why it is growing the way it is.

SO THANK YOU, Sue, for your dedication to helping not just your own family but the whole community with what you do each day for the UDACF!

Thank you all again who participated! Here are a few pictures from the day with the CMPD!